My name is Tomasz Stachura. I am a happy husband and daddy. I am also a proud Pole, but above all, I am a Roman Catholic. Therefore not only have I polish responsibilities, but, first and foremost, catholic ones.

Although the idea for this project came to my mind many years ago, I have been postponing its start for a long time being aware how little I yet know. However, in recent years so much evil has accumulated, Poland and The Catholic Church are both being attacked every single day from almost every side, that I have come to the conclusion that I cannot wait any longer.

For many years I have been observing the so-called public sphere. Unfortunately, with sadness, I came to the conclusion that practically no one, except a few, represents, especially outside Poland, the voice of ordinary Polish Catholics. Therefore, as one of them, I decided to express such voice myself.

Since I am not an authority on the teachings of The Catholic Church, for each one of us this primarily should be our Lord Jesus Christ, Doctors of the Church, our Holy Father and the hierarchs, in this blog I will mainly therefore focus on all other aspects of a life of an ordinary Polish Catholic, that is: everyday life, upbringing, education, culture, tradition, history, politics or art etc. and an overall beauty of polish catholicism, and only sometimes I will share my reflections or experience about my path, God allow, to salvation, hopefully to inspire You in Your path.

I invite everyone to read, comment this blog and join me in social media so that together we can serve God and our homelands well.

God bless and thank You for any good word, prayer or support!

PS: Being aware of my still not-too-good klevel of English I kindly ask You to correct me wherever I make mistakes and be tollerant but not acceptive.

PSS: I would also like to ask You all to respect my privacy.