Cowardice of modern men

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is a lack of courage.

Of course, courage does not only apply to men but women, too.

Over the centuries, women have given countless examples of
unprecedented courage.

What’s more, many women today, usually in their “ordinary, everyday life”, are much more masculine, in the good sense of that word, than their husbands, fathers or colleagues.

Most modern men are not only courageless but do not even understand what virtues are all about.

The best proof of this is the fact that words associated with virtues like “chastity” or “virgin” themselves usually are met with laughter or pathetic jokes.

Misunderstanding of virtues and virtuousness in society are both topics for a completely separate text.

OK, but wait!

What are You talking about?!

Aren’t there so many athletic men today, men practicing martial arts, modern “gladiators” who fight until their last breath on the sands of today’s Colosseums ?!

So what…

Let us ask ourselves two simple questions: why do they train and what are they really fighting for?

You can agree with me or not, but I see narcissism for example.

This physical vigor, strength and so on, this whole desire to “self-improve” yourself physically, is nothing more than… focusing only on “myself”.

What is in there for… others?

Can we even talk about courage at all when the goal is only “me”?

Once, when the performance at the Olympics was also often a symbolic clash between two worlds, some sportsmen fought for something more.

Today, let us not even kid ourselves, close to none of them fight for higher values.

Let us take another example.

Let us take for example popular high-altitude climbers or maybe more “regular people” who for example… do bungee jumping.

What is that “great courage” really that the media so widely promote?

I can only see here stupid and reckless risking of life, lack of responsibility and “great”… pride.

“Do not put the Lord your God to the test.”

(Matthew 4:7)

Even Jesus, although he might have jumped without even the rope just like so, he… didn’t.

How many stupid kids nowadays, I will not even mention “grown-ups”, recklessly risk their lives, doing extreme sports?

And the devil only laughs and rubs his hands together, seeing how millions of fools are carried away by this wave of ultimate idiocy, which of course, is constantly being promoted in… media.

Mountain rescuer who risks his own life, but for saving others – that is courage.

A Catholic boxer who sands on the ring against some modern barbarian, despite that his adversary is younger and heavier – well, that is also courage.

Actually, there is one polish boxer like that that I respect for that and like.

An idiot who gets cocky and acts like a clown on the edge of a skyscraper to get more likes on social media is… well…

I’m glad we understand each other.

Such one or the other kid at least “only” risks his own life … of course, each life is precious, but how many “courageous heroes” who, in the pursuit of their own glory and problems, left desperate widows and orphaned children… had been put in the spotlight and indirectly made role models by media?

What’s worse, they also left thousands, if not millions of followers who will want to do the same thing…

Each of these “heroes” repeatedly received signs, in fact, chances, from God, and they did not listen, often rejecting them with laughter…

Forgive me, but I do not see any challenges or try-outs here, not even a desire to prove oneself worthy, but some evil willingness to commit a spectacular suicide, so that “everyone will finally see”?

Burn like Icarus… nihil novi sub sole…

The vast majority of these people were in my opinion simply unutterably unhappy…

Of course, none of them was a conscious and practicing Catholic…

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not an advocate of some exaggerated caution or pacifism.

Life is very important, but it is not the highest value.

A virtue…

I hope everyone here understands that there is a difference when someone dies in defense of his family, and when a boaster or simply modern barbarian loses his life in defense of… well, defense of what really?

Most of us live in those parts of the world where we do not have to, at least yet, give our lives.

Let us not forget that every year thousands of Christians die for faith in today’s world. I will not mention tens of millions of children which are torn out of their mothers’ wombs in the name of “freedom”…

will say that again.

Every year in many places in today’s world, Christians die for their faith.

And we are afraid of admitting that we are Catholics on social media or at work?

And children… who cannot even yet defend themselves…

…are murdered for what…?

For our cowardice, egocentrism, or even, if to look at those poor women that participate in pro-abortion marches, some sort of diabolic possession, in the name of… “freedom”.

Of course, for sure, there is some percent of those terrified teenagers who are considering abortion simply because they are told mainly by media that having a child is “the end of the world.” I myself when I was young and stupid, I thought, the same. But for a dozen or so years we can clearly see that the vast majority of these devil advocates and “apostles” of abortion are for it simply because of ideological reasons… and truly because they don’t want to hear about good and evil, responsibility etc.

OK, but let us come back to the main topic…

In fact, none of us here have to risk our lives to survive…

In the highest case, we can lose our job at most…

Let me ask you one question.

Did God ever not helped you?

Has He ever not found a job if you were really looking for it?


God will always find you one.

Saint Paul was a craftsman, he made tents.

You do not have to be a “star” right away – don’t you?

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. And even the hairs on your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows…”

(Luke 12:6-7)

À propos “stars”…

“Great” footballers, basketball players, boxers, singers, actors, etc. So “great”, and 99% of them, will not defend even the family or previously mentioned unborn children…

They will not stand in defense because…

They will lose… popularity…

Popularity, which is not only blind but very often not deserved, and above all, artificially pumped by those who hold these “big stars” on a leash.

These rich and famous people, whom millions, if not billions of people today envy, are actually greater slaves than their blind fans.

You at least still can, if of course, you have courage, write whatever you really think on social media…

All these modern “gladiators” do not stand like Ursus in defense of the faith, Lygia or even their own freedom, but for money, “chicks” and vain “fame”, fighting not even their opponents, but their own problems …

Don’t get me wrong.

I am not an adversary of sports. I have been practicing them all my life and I even considered a sporting career at some point. But there is a difference between going out from time to time to play ball, watching some game from time to time, and getting addicted to it, playing “sports” on a “console” each day or desperate waiting for Wednesdays or weekends to watch a game simply because that’s the only thing left that gives a “meaning” to our lives…

OK, let’s leave all those modern “superheroes” aside and let’s finally look at us, ordinary men…

While athletes still at least win something or set new records, ordinary men “courageously” imagine themselves that they are their “heroes” and bravely and proudly fight… comfortably sitting on couches drinking beer with their equally courageous buddies…

…at the same time their wives left by many of them, who are of course guilty of everything, often try to make ends meet, trying to somehow raise their children…

Our “brave” boys “fight” for their country by cheering the team, praising that they would have to give up their lives, but none of them even lifts a finger to save their homeland from… corruption, demoralization, secularisation, marxism etc. …

Instead, they wide “pride” constantly only complain about everything and “boldly” make fun of “pedophile” priests, “frigid” nuns, funny politician’s haircut or “witchy” oldfashioned ladies…

Now, that is courage!

While these mocked grandmothers humbly pray for them and the country, often devoting many hours on every day prayer, they organize lectures on religion, true history, tradition etc., our extremely “brave” and “enlightened” thirty-years-old men do not have time to listen to a few minutes of these lectures because they prefer to watch another stupid youtube clip.

And when somebody raises an important subject like spreading of contemporary Sodom and Gomorrah, which ravages the hearts, minds, and souls of our younglings, they sit as quietly as mice or, at most, they make fun of it all neglecting the problem.

I am talking of course about the situation in Poland but I am pretty sure it all looks similar all around the world nowadays.

When priests in their vast majority do all they can to defend the faith of our ancestors by being actually the only (as ever) true guardians of normality, which is being constantly attacked eg. new variations of Marxism like gender, our “modern and progressive men” willingly copy these attacks on the Church, just to get into the circle of friends, gain acceptance, throwing all the blame on “lousy clergy” for in fact their own sins, to which they dare not even to admit.

Instead, they are convinced that they are “cool”, “trendy” and of course “free”…

I think they are simply… cowards.

Meanwhile, when our “heroes” are surfing the internet or scrolling down their lives on their “smart” phones, somewhere in small towns and villages, every day many women get up very early in the morning, make dinner for later, prepare breakfast for children, dress them and take to school. These women then often go to work to factories for 12 hours only to return home to clean up, wash, iron, make supper, read their children and put them to bed…

…and on Sundays they still have the strength to go to church with them, dressing them neatly, forgetting completely about themselves…

I do not want to sound here like a revolutionary defender of the female proletariat. As a Catholic and normal person I am against any revolution, especially nowadays the Marxists one, but isn’t it so?

What impresses our “heroes” instead?

Fake bodies of ordinary whores who never in their lives did a hard days work because their fingernails polish would get destroyed.

These “free-spirited” and “liberated” women are not even no longer ashamed of themselves but proud simply because the stupefied society allows them to be put on pedestals instead of showing them where is their place.

What lesson a young teenage girl will take out of it?

What virtues will these poor teenagers learn?

Sometimes during a Sunday mass, I see a poor lady who probably had an accident and thus a very deformed and disfigured face. She is always modestly, but beautifully and neatly dressed. She always goes to Communion walking naturally and looking down slightly, not because of shame but modesty. Despite the fact that it is actually quite difficult to recognize a line of her lips at all, she is always definitely happy in her heart, because you can literally sense and almost see the aura around her, especially when she comes back. She is not ashamed of her ugliness and “frailty” trying to compensate for this with some kind of boasting, being angry or controversial Simply. While we are ashamed to cross ourselves while passing the church, post on our social media walls something Catholic, she proudly but without showing it walks with a cross on her chest, unashamed of her… faith.

For me, what this beautiful woman and these mothers do is… courage… though probably for them… it’s nothing…

Praised be Jesus Christ, our only Savior!

18-24.02.2019, Tomasz Stachura

FEATURED IMAGE: John William Waterhouse – Echo and Narcissus, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool


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