The Victory is won, but…

Praised be Jesus Christ, our only Savior!

Our Lord, in His revelation, through Saint John, promises us all, a victory at the end.

Not the victory of all however, not even any “our” victory, not yours or mine, but … His Victory and only those whom He will save.

I write these words on the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence.

Yes… hundred years ago, in 1918, after a hundred and twenty-three years of treacherous annexations by the Kingdom of Prussia, the Russian Empire and the Habsburg Austria, Poland finally regained its independence and Poles regained their freedom…

And although freedom is a great and beautiful thing, it does not mean that everyone back then automatically became truly free and truly independent…

How is this possible? Many will ask.

After all, they have regained their land, their state, and finally their freedom – haven’t they?


On this beautiful occasion our Holy Father Pope Francis in a letter to Poles, undertaking the prayer of St. Pope John Paul II, a special witness of the previous century, asks God for grace of faith, hope, and love for all Poles, and for us to enjoy the precious gift of freedom in unity and peace.

I think that this message could easily be directed to people from any country.

Wouldn’t You agree?

Certainly aware of both good and bad sides of our, let us call it, “contemporary understanding of freedom”, the Pope, in his wisdom, warns us against enslavement by pseudo-freedom, which cult is nowadays more than ever spread all around the World.

Every one of us, especially nowadays it would seem, is facing this issue.

Although it may appear like so, this treacherous cult is not “offered” to us, quite contrarily, it is cunningly pressed upon with the use of sneaky techniques and hidden forces without even asking our permission.

Under the cover of promising “infinite freedoms” and “neverending happiness” in fact it has only one goal: eternal… hell.

It is not accidental then, that every single day our earthly Holy Father and our Holy Mother, Saint Catholic Church, are being constantly attacked from almost every side, even from the within.

The attacks come from both “left” and “right”, leftists and liberals, socialists and capitalists, neopagans and evolutionists, trendy and “not cool”, teenagers who want to be adults, adults who never want to grow up, the old who pretend that they are still young, the pseudo-elites that never done hard day’s work and their very hard working modern… slaves who dream of being like their… masters…

Unfortunately, I could go like this for yet very long…

Please do not understand me wrong, I am not an advocate of any false “unity” or “peace”.

Our Lord clearly states:

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a person’s enemies will be those of his own household.”

(Matthew 10:34-36)

That list only proves how the devil and his earthly servants have managed to divide us and every day continue to do so…

And yet who remains in defense? The poor, the meek, the merciful…

Well… years back this would sadden me, but today, it, in a strange way, brings even… peace and joy… probably because it is all logical and what is more, it is exactly what Our Lord was talking about.

Alright, so, what does the Pope really ask us for in His letter?

He asks us for the only, true Freedom, Freedom written in capital letters, Freedom that is real, Freedom that is full and complete Independence, Independence from… sin.

Simple – isn’t it?

The only question then that remains is whether this time we will listen to what Pope says or will we fall into stupid pride and repeat the sins of our ancestors… regardless, as history shows, of what country we come from…

On November 11, I was in Warsaw participating in a great march for Poland. March, which was described by the huge majority of foreign media as a march of “Nazis”, “fascists” and “nationalists”…

Let us leave the topic of how and, what is more important, why the majority of foreign and unfortunately also “polish” media lie for future posts.

On that day I was enjoying and celebrating independence.

I have paid homage and respect to this wonderful common good that is Rzeczpospolita (the traditional name for Poland, from Latin Res Publica, meaning “common thing”) and all those who died or suffered persecutions for or because of it.

A beautiful and very important common good… but, in the end, a good still and “only”… an earthly one.

Of course, I do not want here to diminish the value of countries and nations which certainly have their special place in our hearts and God’s plan.

I would “only” like to, however, point out a matter that is simply more important.

So, it seemed to me that on that wonderful day I did everything that I should.

On the very early morning train to Warsaw, instead of sleeping, I was working on this blog. While traveling I helped with the luggage a lady who, to put it mildly, did not express the joy from the 100th anniversary. Surrounded by polish patriots, she looked very sad and in a way somewhat… “paralyzed”, in my humble opinion the effect of an indoctrination. I felt sorry for Her so during this whole journey I genuinely smiled to Her a couple of times, hoping that it will help to break that evil spell of false perception of being surrounded by “Nazis”, “fascists” and “nationalists… especially when among these “Nazis”, “fascists” and “nationalists, were entire families with small children and grandparents, teenage boys with their girlfriends, freshly engaged couples, scouts, factory workers, professors, priests, nuns, white, black and I even seen people from I think Japan, all simply wanting to celebrate Poland’s independence!

Upon arrival, I quickly ate a lunch and rushed to the first Catholic Church that was on my way hoping that I will still be able to make it for the service. Unfortunately, the mass was being concluded. I rushed to the next one, but it the situation was the same. “At least” I managed to get the blessing. Although a mass finished I stayed for a while and prayed a few minutes asking God for forgiveness and His loving care over Poland.

Then, although I had very little time left as the hour of the march was approaching, I managed to immortalize Warsaw on a couple of photographs for future generations. I was even “lucky” enough to capture President Andrzej Duda on a few of them!

Running to the gathering place I somehow managed to yet quickly buy few small souvenirs for my beloved ones, and finally reached Dmowski roundabout where I met with my friends.

After we sung a national anthem the march has started but instead of joining first rows I waited for my beloved wife who at that day had exams (who and why on such day organizes exams for young people?!) and was to be late a bit.

It was a march of approximately 200-300 thousand people so I didn’t want Her to get lost while seeking each other in these enormous crowds so I waited for Her patiently, well, to be honest, I worried “a bit”, at the rendezvous point.

Finally, she came and we could both join the march.

Along with our fellow Poles we sang beautiful old patriotic songs, from time to time, we proudly raised shouts helping to build a sweet to heart communion among us all, a communion so important, especially while every day we are being so set against each other by those who want to keep us divided.

I am pretty sure You celebrate Your country’s independence day in a very similar way…

So what have I done wrong? It was all important and good – wasn’t it?


The devil will always find You something more important…

Saint Thomas Aquinas was right when he wrote that there is probably no other sin except … stupidity…

Why do I call myself stupid?

For though on that day I have repeatedly proudly shouted these three beautiful words: “God, Honor and Fatherland” … that day I brought shame to my Fatherland, by not behaving honorably, because, although I went to confession and made atonement for my sins the day before, and although I helped to build a communion among us, I didn’t do absolutely everything that was in my power to receive the most important communion – a Holy one, which would best honor my Lord…

One hundred years ago Rzeczpospolita regained its independence…

Just as our ancestors, we also do many important and good things every day. We work hard, we care about our beloved ones, we try to help each other, we contribute to our communities and society, we defend our values, virtues, and traditions… we finally defend our nations by defending their freedom and independence!

Let us continue to do that. It is certainly a good thing to do.

However, just as at any moment we should be ready to sacrifice ourselves for all of it, at all times, let us remember, that first and foremost we should always be ready to receive the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that together with Him, God allows, we could fully enjoy true Freedom and Independence one day… on a day of our final march…

At the beginning of this text, I warn you about this treacherous cult that is pressed upon all of us without even asking our permission. The only way to have an option to consciously respond and say “No!” to this sinful “offer” is to live a life with sacraments.

Of course, we will be exposed to sin until our last breaths, but this is the only way, to regularly receive sacraments when we can actually start living the lives as truly free people and not slaves to… sin.

So, dear God, let me quickly learn, so that I know right priorities, so that I will not seek even the noblest excuses or the most (as for example now) lofty and high-minded words, but just like on that day and every day I stood proudly on the side of my Fatherland, on the day of judgment, I stand on your side, God!

I wish You all the same!

PS: In Prussia (from 1701) and later by the German military during the periods spanning the German Empire (1871 to 1918), the Third Reich (1933 to 1945), and the early years of West Germany (1949 to 1962), Gott mit uns (“God with us”) was a phrase commonly used.

I presume I don’t have to explain what difference did it bring to the World when some wanted, as many still do today, to get God on their side instead of… joining Him…

Therefore… in this first text…

God bless You and You be with God as He is always with You!

26-30.11.2018, Tomasz Stachura

FEATURED IMAGE: Michelangelo – Il Giudizio Universale, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

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